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Advice & Guidelines before employing an Investigator

Take care to utilise a local company rather than a company who may advertise on the internet and yellow pages using local telephone numbers routed to one office.

An advance payment via credit card may be requested and then the task may be sub contracted to a local agent who may not be a member of a reputable organisation, vetted or suitably skilled.

Our advice if possible is to have a personal meeting with someone from the company you intend to hire. This gives you an opportunity to discuss your requirements fully and allows you to assess the person you are asking to undertake the task. Ask what experience they have, establish proof of identity, ensure they have been CRB checked, are registered with the Information Commissioners Office (for data protection) and have indemnity insurance. Ask if they can give you the name of a firm or individual who may be able to give them a reference.


Ask for a written estimate outlining hourly and mileage rate. Set a budget limit with them. Ask what additional charges there may be i.e. telephone calls, data base checks, report writing and cost of transferring video footage onto a media you can present to a court or third party